Nicolaides begs for help from his cell in Thailand

Last week, the Greek-Australian writer sent a letter to his family asking one more time for help, from his cell in Thailand.The writer who...

Police investigates claims for rape against Theo Theophanous

A Greek Australian woman who currently resides in Messinia Greece had made claims that the well known Greek-Australian state Politician, Theo Theophanous, had raped her.

The 2008 Homeless World Cup in Melbourne

Two Greek Australians will participate in the tournament but in different teams. George Chalkias is the coach of the Australian team and Christos Alefantes is the creator and one of the player for the Greek Homeless team.

Greece is No1 destination for Australians

Flight Centre listed Greece at number one in its annual Top 10 Where To Go list, thanks to the country's "simple pleasures".

“The Kingdom of Paramithi” by the Wiggles

Australia's richest entertainers The Wiggles have produced a TV show that won't require them to wear a colored skivvy. The show is called the "Kingdom of Paramithi" .

Greek-born woman who tried to kill herself and her husband is free

The story of this older couple is a modern Greek tragedy with victims both of them. Anastasia Nestorowycz, 76, tried to kill her husband Paul, 82, because she believed he was suffering and she wanted to end his life.

In Jail for defaming the Royal family of Thailand

Harry Nicolaides, a Greek-Australian writer who has worked in Thailand as a university lecturer and freelance writer was arrested at Bangkok airport on 31 August 2008 and now is facing 15 years in jail