Victoria, Australia Calls for Participants to Submit Applications for 2020 Multicultural Festivals

The government of the state of Victoria in Australia announced recently that people can submit their applications to receive smaller or larger grants to participate in this year’s ”Multicultural Festivals and Events Program.”

According to the official website of the authorities of Victoria, the Multicultural Festivals and Events (MFE) Program funds multicultural and multifaith community groups to hold cultural festivals and events in their local communities.

The program aims to encourage Victorians to participate in festivals and events that celebrate and embrace our state’s vibrant cultural diversity.

”Applications for regional festivals and events and newly arrived community celebrations will be highly regarded”, the state noted emphatically.

Participants will be able to get up to 2,000 AUD for the ”Community grants” and up to 70,000 AUD for the ”partnerships grants.”

Members of the Greek community can benefit from this Victorian program and showcace and celebrate different aspects of their rich cultural heritage.

For more information, people can see the details provided by the authorities of Victoria here.