Greek-Australian MP Accuses Fellow Lawmaker of Sexual Harassment

Greek Australian MP Connie Bonaros has made a complaint of sexual harassment against a Liberal MP after an alleged “slapping” incident at a Christmas party at Parliament House.

In a statement on Friday, Bonaros said: “All women should feel safe in their worksite. All men should understand that their harassing conduct can have a terrible impact on how safe women feel at work. I was not the only woman who was the recipient of improper conduct that night.”

Bonaros, who has been an “SA Best” member of the South Australian Legislative Council since the 2018 state election, added that she is taking legal advice and she will not comment further on the incident.

“I had not intended to discuss this matter openly at this stage but because it has now been made public feel I must respond. I have been talking legal advice in relation to the matter and continue to consider my options,” Bonaros said in her statement.