Deputy Minister for Expats Diamantaris Meets With Archbishop Makarios

Antonis Diamantaris, the Deputy Minister for Greek expatriates, met with Makarios, the newly-appointed Archbishop of Australia, and Nia Karteris, the head of the Greek Festival of Sydney, on Wednesday and Thursday in Athens.

Diamantaris received Karteris, along with Molly Chiotis and Constantinos Apoifis, two other prominent members of the Greek Australian community, in his office on Wednesday.

The meeting was focused on topics of interest for the Greek-Australian community, including the upcoming bill which will enable Greeks living abroad to vote in Greek national elections from their place of residence.

The discussion also focused on the coordination of the range of special events scheduled to take place in 2021, on the occasion of the bicentennial of the beginning of the Greek War of Independence.

On Thursday, the Deputy Minister for Expatriates held an official meeting with Archbishop Makarios of Australia.

The Minister congratulated the Archbishop on his recent appointment as head of the large Orthodox flock in Australia, and wished him luck in his many important duties.