Health Minister Mikakos To Bring New Cancer Therapy to Victoria

Victoria, Australia’s Heath Minister Jenny Mikakos (left).

Jenny Mikakos, the Health Minister for Victoria, Australia, recently announced that her ministry will make a breakthrough cancer treatment available to patients in Victoria for the first time.

The new therapy has already seen excellent results in patients suffering from blood cancers.

Very soon, patients in Victoria will be able to receive this life-saving therapy via the public healthcare system of the Australian state.

The new therapy has proven to be extremely expensive, but public health service patients in Victoria will be able to receive it soon, without having to travel overseas or pay thousands of dollars.

The Government of Victoria has worked closely with other authorities both in Australia and abroad, which will make it possible for the first time to offer the breakthrough new treatment to patients.

The new treatment is completely revolutionary, since it manages to ”program” healthy cells to attack carcinogenic cells, helping the patient fight the disease using their own body.

Mikakos, who announced the significant news recently, is a politician from Australia’s Labor party, and is the first woman of Greek descent to be elected to the Australian Parliament.