Strong Greek Presence in This Year’s Australian Federal Elections

The Greek Australian community has strong representation in this year’s Federal Elections in Australia.

The Greek community, always politically active and interested in Australia‘s future, is represented this year by many of its members, who represent a wide spectrum of opinions, ideologies and parties.

Along with long-standing representatives, this year’s election has some new faces, including young professionals who have decided to test themselves in the political arena.

In Victoria, five candidates have a Greek background. Julia Banks is an independent candidate for Flinders; Steve Georganas is a Labor candidate for Adelaide; and Connor Parissis is contesting the seat of Barton with the Greens.

Ignatios Tsiriplis, a United Australia Party candidate, is running for the seat of Werriwa, and
Maria Vamvakinou, a Labor candidate, will run to represent Calwell.

Six candidates with Greek background in New South Wales are contesting for a seat in the Senate. Angela Vithoulkas and Fiona Douskou, who are both from The Small Business Party, will be joined by Andrew Katelaris, who represents the ”Help End Marijuana Prohibition” (HEMP) Party.

Steven Georgantis and Susan Tsangaris will both be running as Australian People’s Party candidates, and Paul Gerantonis will enter the contest as a candidate of the Seniors United Party of Australia.

Andrew Kavasilas and Peter Georgiou are contesting for a seat in the Senate as well; the former with the ”Help End Marijuana Prohibition” (HEMP) Party, and the latter as a candidate representing the ”One Nation” party.

The 2019 Australian federal election will be held on Saturday, May 18, 2019, in order to elect all 151 seats in the House of Representatives and forty of the seventy-six seats in the Senate.