Martha Kalifatidis: The Greek-Australian Kim Kardashian (video)

The comparisons are inevitable: Greek-Australian Martha Kalifatidis has to live up to her unofficial nickname as Australia’s Kim Kardashian.

Martha Kalifatidis is a makeup artist who has now become a reality TV star after her great success in the series “Married at First Sight, Australia 2019.”

Her physical appearance, her poses for social media photographs and similar taste in clothing has prompted people to compare her to the Armenian-American global fashion icon.

Martha Kalifatidis. Photo: Instagram

The 30-year old reality television star comes from a wealthy Greek-Australian family. In her own words, her parents live in a “Versace Mansion” in Melbourne.

“I’m Greek, so that means that my family is bigger than just big,” she says on the video below. “They are super loud, super opinionated, they don’t hold back, they will say exactly what they’re thinking.”

As a typical Greek girl, she lived in the family home until one year ago, when she left to move to Sydney. But she took with her all her mother’s many beauty tips.

Photo: Instagram

Along with her work as a makeup artist, the belief that looking good is of paramount importance came naturally to Martha. Her philosophy has obviously worked for her, and any camera seems to be her best friend.

However, despite her great beauty, Martha says she has been single for six years. According to her, that is the main reason she joined “Married at First Sight Australia.”