Three Women in Daylight Sex Romp Outside Brisbane Greek Restaurant

Australian police decided not to press charges against three women caught engaging in lewd sex acts on the sidewalk outside Brisbane’s up-market Hellenika restaurant last Sunday.

CCTV cameras caught the women engaging in a public sex romp – at one point straddling each other while balancing on a bicycle in broad daylight.

A witness told that he saw the group stumble out of the Greek restaurant — where they had just skipped out on a $600 lunch bill.

He said the women were “obviously super drunk” and two of them hugged each other initially, before the third disappeared from the couple’s view.

“One of the girls fell over laughing, so it was obvious that they were pretty drunk,” the man said.

“It then escalated to the girl standing up getting pretty handy, then all of a sudden they were both on the ground.”

The group’s remarkable public performance left passersby completely stunned, with at least one person calling the police to break up the party.