Ouzo Festival Brings the Spirit of Lesvos Down Under (video)

Hundreds of Australians, Greeks and ouzo lovers of all stripes gathered last weekend east of Melbourne to celebrate all the traditions associated with the quintessential Greek aniseed-flavored libation.

Unlimited ouzo was on offer — and 250 liters of it was consumed at the Lesvos Culture Club’s Ouzo Festival at Bayswater.

Drinks and food were plentiful, and were enjoyed with musical accompaniment by the Strofes band, with “Theano” playing the violin.

There was also traditional Greek dancing at the festivities, with Melbourne’s Pegasus Dance Academy entertaining the crowds with their performance in beautiful traditional costumes.

Φεστιβάλ Ούζου Μελβούρνη Αυστραλίας

Πάνω από 2000 άνθρωποι, φίλοι των Λέσβιων της Μελβούρνης της Αυστραλίας παρευρέθηκαν χτες, Σάββατο στο μυτιληνιό γλέντι που έστησε η Παλλεσβιακή Ένωση Μελβούρνης, όπου καταναλώθηκαν πάνω από 200 κιλά γύρου και 250 λίτρα ούζου Πλωμαρίου! https://www.stonisi.gr/post/521/festival-oyzoy-apo-toys-syntopites-ths-melvoyrnhs-pics

Posted by Στο Νησί on Sunday, February 17, 2019