Greek-Australian and Two Sons Charged in Melbourne Murder

A 56-year old Greek Australian and his two sons were arrested in Melbourne on the night of February 10, Melbourne police announced earlier this week.

The father is charged with the murder of a man and his sons are charged with recklessly causing injury, aggravated home invasion and assault.

In addition, another Greek-Australian aged 24 was arrested and faces the same charges.

The deadly incident happened on Saturday, when the 56-year old allegedly entered the house of the victim and shot him from the back from a distance of less than 1.5 meters.

The victim was a father of five. He was transferred to a nearby hospital, where he later passed away.

The magistrate, who is another Greek-Australian, Constantinos Kilias, did not allow bail to the four suspects, who must now remain in jail until their next hearing, scheduled to take place in June.

Witnesses to the bizarre incident say that there are many more people involved in the murder, but they are still at large.

There are many reports in the local media about possible motives behind the crime and other details, but nothing concrete has been established at this time by the Melbourne police detectives.