Melbourne Honors International Greek Language Day

February 9th has officially been designated as International Greek Language Day since the year 2017. The vibrant Greek community of Melbourne will honor this important day with an event at the Greek Centre for Contemporary Culture in Melbourne.

A new software application which was developed by Greek citizen Sakis Zafeiropoulos will be presented during the celebration.

The new app, which the creator dubbed ”Metropolis”, is designed to help children from around the world who want to improve their learning of the Greek language. The app is seen as another useful tool for the younger generation of the Greek diaspora to learn the language of their forefathers.

The Metropolis app is designed not only to entertain young children up to the age of 12 but to also help them learn a great deal about the Greek language.

The aim of the establishment of International Greek Language Day is to highlight the fundamental role that the Greek language played in world culture throughout the centuries, from antiquity until today.

The Greek community of Melbourne celebrates this day every year in an effort to increase the appreciation of the language that shaped western civilization, and to promote the learning of Greek amongst the younger generation.