Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos Not Visiting Australia in 2018

Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos will not be visiting Australia in the autumn as initially announced, according to Greece’s Embassy in Canberra.

The Greek Embassy announced that the president’s busy schedule would not allow him to visit the country in 2018, as Greece’s foreign ministry had originally said. Pavlopoulos’ office informed the embassy that he will make the trip sometime within next year.

In June, the Pan Macedonian Association of Melbourne and Victoria (PMAMV) wrote a letter of complaint, stating that the Greek president is not welcome to Australia because he accepted the agreement between Athens and Skopje to name the Balkan country “North Macedonia”.

“Mr Pavlopoulos you are unwanted; if you visit Melbourne, we the Greek Diaspora officials will not welcome you,” was the message sent by the PMAMV.