Coming to Melbourne: Festival of Homer 2018

The much awaited Festival of Homer is about to kick off in Melbourne.

This 3-day event is taking place from June 15-17 and directed by Humanities 21, with support from the Hellenic Museum.

The festival will be a celebration of Ancient Greek literature, history, myths and legends all aimed at demonstrating the importance of Humanities in the 21st Century.

It opens with a keynote on “Why Greek Myth Matters Today” and a cocktail party held at the Kelvin Club. Also included in the program, Emily Wilson, the first woman to translate the Odyssey into English, will be speaking about the challenges of translating Homer for a 21st-century audience.

For more information about the Festival of Homer program, check out:

Event tickets are $30 for Humanities 21 and Hellenic Museum members, $35 for concessions, and $40 full price. Festival passes which admit attendees to all events are $80 for Humanities 21 and Hellenic Museum members, $90 for concessions and $100 full prices.