Hellenic Community of Melbourne Honors Evzones

The Evzones of Greece’s Presidential Guard were honored by the Hellenic Community of Melbourne at the Greek Centre as part of the March 25th festivities.

The Board of Directors of the Community held a dinner in their honor, attended by the President of the Community, Bill Papastergiadis, members of the Board of Directors and the benefactors of the Community.

The Board of the Hellenic Community of Melbourne informed the members of the Presidential Guard about their historical organization and activities, as well as the contribution of the Greek Centre in preserving Greece’s culture and heritage.

Papastergiadis said that the Community has become a beacon of Hellenism in the Diaspora and a reference for Australian people.

Vice-President of the Community Nikos Koukouvitakis spoke about the educational programs at the Community Language and Culture School and the Alphington Grammar school.

Board members Tammy Iliou, Jim Bossinakis and Leonidas Vlahakis briefed the men of the Presidential Guard for the festivals organized by the Community.

“Our goal is to strengthen our ties with cultural institutions and cultural events in Greece such as music, theater and literature. We want to organize quality events and festivals that promote Greece,” Iliou said.

“We are grateful that you are in Melbourne, as this helps our third generation and future generations to imagine and feel their Greek heritage at a different level,” she added.

“Our Community organizes each year the Greek Film Festival, attended by over 6,000 people, presenting contemporary Greek cinema in Australia. Also the Student Film Festival and the Short Film Festival,” Bossinakis said.

On behalf of the presidential guard, Lt General Grigorios Prezerakos congratulated the Community on its activities and achievements, highlighting the successes of the Greeks in Australia and their efforts to preserve and promote Greek culture.

“The few days we were here, we saw and felt the size of the Greek community – and that was a very emotional experience for all of us. We are proud of the achievements of Greek migrants,” he said.

The Community also presented the Evzones with commemorative gifts.