FYROM-Australians Rally Against Greece over “Macedonia”

Australians of Former Yugoslav Repubic of Macedonia origin rallied in major cities protesting against Greece and its refusal to accept “Macedonia” as the name of the Balkan country.

FYROM-Australians took it to the streets of Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and protested for their right to self-determination and national interests. In Melbourne some demonstrators fired flares.

Protesters held signs reading ‘End Macedonian genocide’, ‘Macedonia Never Greek’, ‘Macedonians in Albania are denied their basic human rights’ and ‘Macedonia’s name is not for sale’ among others.

Josh Sherman, a spokesperson for ‘We Are Macedonia’ organization told Daily Mail Australia that “ever since Greece illegally occupied Macedonia in 1913 there has been turmoil in the country. ‘Ever since then our people have suffered,” he said.