Australia’s New Deputy PM is of Greek Descent

The National Party politician submitted papers in 2017 confirming he was never a Greek citizen.

Australia’s new deputy prime minister, Michael McCormack, is of Greek descent.

The leader of the National Party is now deputy premier in the National-Liberal coalition, after his predecessor resigned amid sexual-harassment charges.

McCormack’s grandfather on his mother’s side, Georgios Margosis, was born in Akrata, Achaia, embroiling him in Australia’s dual-citizenship saga.

Last year, a number of senior Australian lawmakers and ministers were found to have automatic citizenship of other countries, technically barring them from office under Australia’s rules.

The National Party politician submitted official documentation from the Greek Embassy in Australia dated Sept. 11, 2017 confirming that he is not, nor ever was, considered a Greek citizen.

McCormack’s appointment came after the resignation of Barnaby Joyce, who stepped down amid revelations of an affair with an ex-staffer and a sexual-harassment claim.

McCormack is a former minister for veterans’ affairs. In the past, the 53-year-old deputy prime minister has served as small business minister and assistant to the deputy prime minister.