Shocking Video Emerges of Greek Patient Been Abused at Melbourne Hospital

The nurse at the centre of a case of alleged patient abuse in Victoria, that was caught on a camera hidden by the patient’s family, has been stood down.

The 30-year-old nurse is being investigated for a number of alleged assaults of Greek-Australian patient Billy Aivaliotis, 33, Victoria Police have confirmed.

The nurse has been interviewed and released pending further inquiries, a spokeswoman said.

The footage – obtained by the Herald Sun – filmed on January 22 shows Mr Aivaliotis being grabbed by the throat and shoved roughly down on to a bed.

His family suspected some sort of abuse was occurring because Mr Aivaliotis had been seen with several unexplained bruises, and had lost a lot of weight.

Family members say they complained to the hospital but were ignored so they set up a hidden camera in his room at Caulfield Hospital and handed the footage to police and to Melbourne newspaper The Herald Sun.

Mr Aivaliotis suffers from cerebral palsy and after being hit by a car last year sustained a major brain injury. His condition means he isn’t able to talk or communicate with anyone.

His family has begun civil action against the hospital.