Pontian “Momogeroi” to Visit Lonsdale Street Greek Festival

The custom of Momogeroi and the play “I Manassia ki Syrketai” will be presented by the Educational Pontian Association of Agios Dimitrios – Ryakion at the Melbourne Festival “Antipodes”.

According to Pontos News, the presentation will be done after an invitation by the Melbourne Pontian Center with the funds provided by Greece’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The tour of the Momogeroi is also supported by the Elderly Department of the Pontian Center, the STS Anargiri Greek Language Centre and several individuals of Pontian origin, the Neos Kosmos report says.

A group of about 25-30 members of the Association will travel to Melbourne to present the custom of Mogogeroi, as well as the theatrical play

The Momogeroi custom has been incorporated into the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. It dates back in ancient times.

The “Momogeroi” derives from ancient god Momos, who was the personification of satire and sarcasm, and was associated with the celebrations dedicated to Dionysus, with people wearing masks and costumes.

Momogeroi literally means the old men of Momos. What they do is wear costumes and dance in the streets with music accompaniment and tease, scold and satirize people and situations.

The Momogeroi custom is one of the oldest Pontian customs observed during the Christmas period, from December 15 until mid-January. Sometimes the custom continues until Clean Monday, the first day of the Great Lent.

The Pontian group is to arrive in Melbourne on February 7 and its first appearance will take place at the Lonsdale Street Greek Festival on Saturday, February 10, with other events to be announced shortly.