The Twelve Best Greek Restaurants in Melbourne

Greek Restaurants Melbourne
(Courtesy: Hellenic Republic).

Melbourne is the second-largest urban area in Australia behind Sydney. It is also one of the most diverse cities and home to one of the largest Greek diaspora communities in the world; the largest Greek-speaking population outside Greece lives in the area. All these can only mean one thing, Melbourne is home to an endless catalog of Greek restaurants and taverns, here are some of the best of them.

Jimmy Grants

Best restaurants Melbourne
Eat like a Greek (Courtesy Jimmy Grants)

Serves the kind of Greek food you wouldn’t expect. As they claim themselves: Prepared slow. Served fast. There are several Jimmy places in the Melbourne area cooking real Greek street food. with very fresh and tasty ingredients. Among their sweets, vanilla baklava with salted caramel ice cream is a menu star.


Greek Restaurants Melbourne
(Courtesy: Stalagtites)

This eatery is well-known for its dishes of meat and dips. It’s a family business run by the same family the late ‘70s, Stalactites is nothing short of a Greek dining institution. Loved for their traditional Greek dishes, they serve souvlakis, gemista, and moussaka as well as a delicious homemade spanakopita.

Hellas Cakes

Best Greek restaurants in Melbourne.
(Courtesy: Hellas Cakes).

Home to Greek sweets and baking Greek delicacies since 1962, Hellas Cakes serves an inviting menu of Greek breakfast as well as quick lunches made of spanakopita and tiropita (cheese pie).

ENA Greek Street Food

Best Greek restaurants in Melbourne.
(Courtesy: ENA).

ENA specializes in innovative dishes inspired by the streets of Greece made with simple, fresh and tasty ingredients in a very relaxed atmosphere. Their coffee is blended in-house as well.


(Courtesy: Yannis).

Yiannis is a family-owned tavern serving a variety of menu of charcoal meats and seafood. Appetizers, dolmades, dips, and fried zucchini are the best-sellers, but their galaktoboureko dessert is an authentic must.

The Press Club

The Press Club Australia
Raspberry Risogalo (Courtesy: The Press Club).

This intimate and relaxed dining experience with 10 booths pays homage to Philotimo and classic Hellenic dishes. The Press Club stands for an ever-evolving menu that combines ancient ingredients with new techniques.

Demitri’s Feast

Best Greek Restaurants Melbourne
(Courtesy: Lucy Donaldson).

A small café worth open for breakfast and lunch, Demitri’s Feast offers a contemporary Greek menu and some interesting proposals for breakfast too.


(Courtesy: Bahari).

Bahari (the Greek word for spice) boasts an ever-changing menu that balances spices and tastes. They say that Greek food is traditionally enjoyed with family and friends. As such, ‘Bahari’ embodies this philosophy and presents a shared menu; encouraging people to share an assortment of dishes throughout their dining experience.

Jim’s Greek Tavern

Best Greek restaurants Melbourne.
(Courtesy: Jim’s Greek Tavern).

A unique space with no menu, at Jim’s Greek Tavern your waiter will craft your order for you based on your taste, and pocket. Unique meat dishes, seafood and house-made dips to choose from.


Best greek restaurants Melbourne.
(Courtesy Open Table).

Known as one of the best suburban Greek restaurants in Melbourne that the locals usually choose for its amazing seafood. Plaka is a family restaurant that also offers a full a la carte menu available to take away.

Hellenic Republic

Best Greek Restaurants Melbourne
(Courtesy Hellenic Republic).

Keeping things simple, as they like to state, just like Yia Yia did, Hellenic Republic sources fresh, quality produce from Greece and Melbourne creating authentic Hellenic recipes, straight from Yia Yia’s recipe box.


Dips to share (Courtesy: Gazi).

Sister restaurant to the Hellenic Republic as well as the Press Club, Gazi serves wood fire grill dishes, wood fire spit, and the ‘Hellenic Dirty Food’ selection of spicy pork and leek sausage stew, all in a very relaxed, informal atmosphere.