Australian PR Consultant Moves to Greece… and Loves it!

PR consultant, broadcaster and journalist Katie Clift left Australia and moved to Athens four months ago, and is loving every minute of it, as she now “works from home”, she says.

In a website feature, Clift describes her new life as her own boss in enthusiastic tones, saying that she now lives in an “incredible country”, and posts several pictures of herself enjoying Greece’s beauties.

After working for 10 years as a public relations strategist, spokesperson, radio broadcaster and journalist, she made the bold decision to start doing all that in Greece, she wrote.

“I mentioned I’m a broadcaster. I currently host a daily radio show on Gladstone’s 91.9 Fresh FM, all the way from my home recording studio in Greece. The team I’m working with, I have worked with for over a decade in various capacities. They have seen me at my best, and on my hard days. They worked with me as I grew my career from my first on-air radio role while still studying at university. They have seen me grow, mature, increase my skills and work just as hard every day since that first day on the job,” Clift wrote.

Now she works in Greece, “a place I never imagined I would be!”

“I’ve found Greece to be one of THE BEST places to visit, and live, in the world. I am loving learning a new language, making new friends, hanging out on rooftops near the Acropolis, eating way too much fried cheese and exploring Athens’ best kept hiking secrets,” she raves.