Greek-Australian Senator against dual citizenship in Politics

A debate about dual citizenship in Australian politics has caused some controversy and has led to two resignations in the Australian Greens Party. According to the Australian constitution, any person owing allegiance to any foreign power cannot serve as a Senator, or a member of the House of Representatives.

Nick Xenophon, an Australian-born senator with Greek Cypriot heritage, and leader of NXTeam Party was one of the first politicians to state his position and current status on a matter that many have described as both divisive and somewhat unfair in modern-day multicultural Australia.

Xenophon took to the media last week reassuring his supporters that he is a proud Australian and he has never acquired either Greek or Cypriot citizenship.

“I have never applied for a citizenship and I have never been interested to be citizen of another country,” said Xenophon in a recent interview with the ABC.

“I am very proud that I was born in Australia and that I am an Australian citizen; I did go through a process when I ran for the Senate where I wrote to both the Cypriot High Commission and the Greek Embassy saying that while I never held citizenship, I wanted to make absolutely clear that I don’t want citizenship of your country and renounce any rights I have,” explained Xenophon whose mother is Greek and his father originates from the island of Cyprus.