Melbourne Residents Horrified at Sight of Murdered Kangaroo Holding Greek Ouzo

Residents in northeast Melbourne were witness to a horrific sight as they drove down the street — a murdered kangaroo, tethered to a chair, dressed in a leopard print robe and holding a bottle of Greek ouzo.

Police are searching for the unknown culprits and the fee they will be handed when caught will be $36,500 (up to almost 24,500 euros) and up to two years in prison, which are the set penalties for the illegal killing of protected species in Australia.

The senior researcher at Victoria’s Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning said that the animal was shot at least three times at a different location before being moved to the northeast of Melbourne.

Authorities are hoping that someone might have witnessed the crime since the road where the kangaroo was found has cars frequently passing by and propping the animal on the chair would have taken a long time.