Opportunity for Artists to Spend a Month of Inspiration in Athens

athens1There is an exciting opportunity for artists in both the literary and visual media fields in Australia to spend a month in Athens this December.

The Australian Archaeological Institute of Athens (AAIA) is currently accepting applications for the Contemporary Creative Residency Programme in Athens, where professional artists and writers will have the opportunity to live for a month in Athens and will be awarded with a hands-on immersion into Greek life and culture. Also, the winner will have accommodation for one month in the AAIA Hostel which is a three-bedroom apartment next to the Acropolis along with having access to libraries, museums and archaeological sites throughout the city.

In order to apply for the program you must be working in Australia in the field of literary or visual media and can be an emerging or established artist with a focus in ancient, medieval, modern or contemporary Greek culture.

The AAIA program was initiated in 2014 and past awardees include Andrew Hazewinkel in 2014 who won in the category of photography, video, sculpture and installation, and Jena Woodhouse who won in 2015 in the poetry category.

The deadline for submission of applications is Contemporary Creative Residency Programme in Athens is October 21, 2016.

For more information check out: sydney.edu.au