Greek Restaurants Go to Court Over a ‘Little’ Matter of Trademark Infringement

little greek tavernaThe owners of Little Greek Taverna, a Greek restaurant in Brisbane’s West End has taken another Greek eatery to court over an alleged infringement of its name, and it is anything but a “little” matter.

Don’t blink because you too might get confused between the two restaurants: Little Greek Taverna and Little Greek Cuzina.

Owners of the seven-year-old Little Greek Taverna, 3 Florinians Pty Ltd, filed a legal complaint saying that the name of the Little Greek Cuzina is causing confusion to customers as well as damaging their business.

According to, Ms Parmaklis, a part-owner of the family run restaurant said to the Federal Court that she had been “contacted countless times with complaints that ‘our’ Graceville or Bulimba restaurants weren’t at the same standard as the original Little Greek Taverna in West End.”

little greek cuzinaIn the end a Federal Court judge has ordered Little Greek Cuzina to remove the word “little” from its trademark name, citing a prima facie case of deceptive similarity to the trademark name of the pre-existing and well-recognized Little Greek Taverna.