Greek-Australian Teen Dead After Car Crash

clonaridisGreek-Australian teen Ivana Clonaridis, 18, lost her life on Wednesday January 27, in a suspected drag race. She was the passenger in a car that drove off EJ Whitten Bridge in Keilor East, Melbourne. The young woman was the passenger in the car, driven by Harley Churchill, 19.

According to the local police, the two cars were seen speeding around 1:30 am on Wednesday. It was estimated that they were traveling at a speed of 160 km/h.

Harley Churchill lost control of the car and crashed into a barrier before falling off the edge of the 55-meter bridge.

It was like a movie, said a local witness. “”I was driving to work at 1.30 am and I was doing 100 km/h and these two cars came flying past me and gave me a fright. It would have been 100 or 200 meters in front of me. I saw one of the cars lose control and go over the railing. It burst into flames, it was surreal,” he said.

The police are currently investigating the second car involved in the race, which had already been spotted at an illegal street party. “This is a classic case of testosterone, adrenalin, young fellows and fast cars. It’s just a dreadful mix and we’ve had very, very serious consequences,” said the local inspector.

“We’re still checking, maybe there was contact between the vehicles, maybe there wasn’t; we’re still looking at all of those parts of the collision scene to work out precisely what’s happened,” said the inspector.

Meanwhile, friends and family of the two victims have been using social media to express their grief and give a last farewell to the beloved teens.


  1. What an absolutely awful thing to happen. BUT!!! Why has there been no attempt to install a barrier there? That awful tragedy could be repeated because there is a HUGE gap where there is NO barrier to keep drivers safe. That site has seriously worried me for years