Greek-Australian Businessman Admits to Falsifying Customs Documents

john-poulakisGreek-Australian businessman John Poulakis, from Coburg, Victoria admitted to falsifying customs documents in order to pay less duty.

The 57-year-old man who owns the high-end Melbourne-based men’s clothing store Harrolds had been importing suits from Europe, undervaluing their original prices in order to pay less taxes.

According to the Herald Sun, on Thursday, November 26, he “pleaded guilty to two charges of dishonestly causing a risk of loss to an Australian Commonwealth entity in the Victorian County Court.”

The judge gave him a five year sentence in prison, but in the end he was released on a “five-year, 40,000-dollar good behavior bond,” since he had repaid his debt to the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.


  1. All the German car manufacturers have been doing this for years on a monster scale!!
    I wonder where that scandal went?