Greek-Australians Invent ‘Sweet’ Patent

tella-708Donuts, milkshakes and Nutella are the perfect snack for those wishing to indulge themselves once in a while. But how amazing would it be if someone decided to combine those three elements in order to make the ultimate milkshake?

A Greek-Australian-owned café in Sydney is giving its customers this opportunity, since it created the Tella Ball Milkshake, a beverage served with a Nutella-stuffed donut on top.

The idea came for the two Greek-Australians who own the Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery café in Sydney, Aki Daikos and his business partner, Simon Kappatos. In just a few days, their creation has made them famous across the city, and the country.

“They sold 800 doughnuts and at least 400 shakes over the weekend,” noted the Daily Telegraph. “The shakes are available in all the doughnut flavors including salted caramel, Nutella, vanilla bean and ricotta and strawberry jam.”

According to the newspaper, the Tella Ball shake costs 10 dollars and it is an “off menu” item, meaning customers have to know about it from social media and ask for it.


  1. Nice to see the Greek Australians serving Greek products. Here in Astoria, NY the young Greeks don’t even open Greek shops anymore. They only open hipster bars and restaurants. The days of the Greek cafes are over sadly. Will have to go to Greece to get a frappe or make one at home!