Greek Winemakers Travel to Australia to Showcase Products

greek-wineA large delegation of Greek winemakers will visit Australia in order to showcase the country’s wine varieties. The event has been organized to take place in late June in three different Australian cities.

More than 20 Greek winemakers, educators and grape-growers will visit Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne to participate in a series of events, from dinners and tastings to workshops and masterclasses. In the past, such events have only been organized in Canada and the United States.

Greece, one of the oldest winemaking regions in the world, has a lot to offer in regards to wine varieties. Winemakers from across Greece will present their own takes on internationally popular wines. In total, more than 90 different kinds of wine will be presented by vineyards from the Peloponnese to Santorini and other Greek islands.

Wines of Greece president Yannis Voyatzis noted that this will be the first time such a large group of Greek winemakers and representatives will visit Australia. “This visit to Australia is about educating Australian traders about our wines and showcasing the best we have to offer,” Voyatzis said.

“We are looking forward to meeting and discussing our wines with a broad spectrum of Australian traders, as well as catching up with some familiar faces. Even though we have thousands of years of wine production experience, the Greek wine industry is still evolving and the wineries attending will be showcasing a selection of their best wines, with a focus on the country’s indigenous varietals,” he added.