Greek Radio Program Airing Live For Decades

SBS Greek Radio broadcaster Efthymios Kallos in the studio.
SBS Greek Radio broadcaster Efthymios Kallos in the studio.

The Greek program, airing live on SBS Radio for many years in an effort to keep the Greek-Australian community informed, is one of the longest running shows and the first radio program to be heard in a foreign language, since SBS’s debut broadcast in 1975.

Efthymios (Themi) Kallos shared his experience being the Greek broadcaster of SBS Radio for over 25 years, saying: “It’s amazing, the wealth of experiences, emotions and stories this community, the migrant community that we constantly cover, has to offer… They have amazing stories to tell.”

And he continued: “And just putting them on radio, on the microphone, and then giving them to the wider audience, that in itself is an experience that you never get bored.”

Sophie Gabriel, a Greek who recently came to Australia due to Greece’s current financial crisis, highlighted the important role of SBS Radio’s Greek program for listeners: “Well, it’s keeping in touch with our culture and, you know, feeling like you’re Greek, although you’re not in Greece. I think language is the first and foremost thing that we need as a culture. If you forget how to speak Greek, then you lose your … your identity.”