Hellenic Club a ‘Gem’ in Canberra

canberra-hellenic-clubThe Hellenic Club in Canberra is now one of the most important cultural centers in the Australian capital, according to Canberra Times.

The newspaper published an article describing how locals have embraced the Hellenic Club like “no ethnic venue has been embraced by the city.”

The Club includes two award-winning restaurants and reception halls, while it emphasizes on promoting the Greek language and Greek culture. Over the last 25 years, its membership has significantly increased, “granting a financial security founding members like Michael George could have barely imagined when its first building opened in 1979,” wrote the Canberra Times.

At the moment, 170 young people take Greek dance lessons in the club, while 70 adults are taking Greek language lessons.

Last year, the Club was able to provide 1 million dollars to double the number of children that can be accepted to the Greek-Australian pre-school in Yarralumla. At the same time, the club is devoted to its charity work, having offered a total of 360,000 dollars to fire victims and over 1 million US dollars to multicultural festivals taking place in the Australian capital.

John Kalokerinos, the current Club president, appears very optimistic about the Hellenic Club’s future, noting that it always tried to satisfy its members with “the most up-to-date facilities.”