Professor Louise Hitchcock Gives Lecture in Melbourne

HITCHCOCK4More than 120 people attended a lecture on palaces and villas in Minoan Crete, architecture, interior design and their importance by Professor Louise Hitchcock from the University of Melbourne, last Thursday.

The lecture was part of the Greek History and Culture Seminars of the Greek Community that took place in Melbourne.

As an expert on the subject, professor Hitchcock spoke in a simple and understandable manner about the elements that determine the specificity of Minoan palaces, presenting rich new data in order to better understand the enigmatic and sometimes mysterious buildings.

The lecture was given at the Philanthropic Ithacan Union Hall because the Greek Community of Melbourne’s Centre of Contemporary Culture was booked for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

The speaker was presented by Spyridoula Demetriou who is currently completing her doctoral studies at Melbourne University under professor Hitchcock’s guidance.

The head of the seminar organizing committee, Dr. Nikos Dallas, thanked the event’s sponsors, Nick Koukouvitakis, Roxanne Lalopoulos, Nick Koukouvitakis and John Sachinidis.