Greeks and Armenians Protest Against Kemal Ataturk Monument in Sydney

sydneyGreeks and Armenians in Australia are reacting to the erection of a monument in honor of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in Sydney‘s Hyde Park. Several Greek Diaspora, Pontic and Armenian organizations expressed their disagreement with the monument in a written statement addressed to Sydney officials and news agencies.

Kemal Ataturk was responsible for the mass-murder and forced death marches of ethnic minorities living in Turkey as well as those Turkish citizens who opposed his dictatorship during the early 20th century. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and his supporters known as ‘Kemalists’ carried out a wave of barbaric violence against minorities living in Turkey,” wrote the Armenian Youth Federation of Australia, in a letter of protest addressed to NSW State Government MP Victor Dominello. The federation also invited the supporters of their cause to sign a petition for the monument’s withdrawal, which was unveiled on February 19, as part of the centennial Gallipoli landing anniversary.

Meanwhile, a protest letter has been circulating in social media and Greek Diaspora organizations, who have asked supporters of the cause to forward the letter to several email addresses in order to express their disagreement toward the Kemal Ataturk monument.

The Armenian National Committee of Australia wrote: “2015 marks not only the centennial of Anzac Day but also of the Armenian Genocide. It is critical that during such an important period of modern history, facts are correctly reported.”


  1. Sydney officials should add the statues of Hitler and Stalin next to Ataturk’s. At least then he will be in good company.

  2. I am really curious how the Greek and Armenian diaspora in their right mind managed to link Ataturk who was clearly thousands of miles away fighting in Gallipoli and not a decision maker in Young Turks/CUP government. I would recommend you all to re-read Ataturk’s speech in 1934 reflecting on Battle of Gallipoli to understand what kind of a human being he really was. Claims such as the ones proposed by the diasporas here only serve to show their true nature; which is NOT to find a peaceful resolution to atrocities committed during WWI and heal their wounds, but to vilify anything and anyone to do with Turkey and Turkish culture/history as a means to build a fascist national identity.

  3. sure buddy. A true hero… that murdered milloins in attempted genocide.

    Your racist comment “they all left Greece and immigrated to Australia like gypsies”… pretty much sums up the sort of fascist you are.

  4. Maybe if Turks stopped trying to exterminate Greeks we would get along better.

    Even today Turkish ultra nationalists are colluding with Skopians trying to usurp our very identity. (effectively using Skopje as a proxy to commit a subtle form of ethnic cleansing)

  5. This… then that ridiculous movie by that framed genocidal occupying Ottomans of that era as “victims” and Greeks fighting to liberate their own homeland as the perps. The antihellenism is reaching epic proportions.

  6. But the bottom line is that the Turks killed 8500 diggers and the Greeks did not. So what it is I don’t get, is why our western civilisation sympathises and associates itself with a backwards, murderous genocide committing thug of a race.

  7. But the bottom line is that the Turks killed 8500 diggers and the Greeks did not. It also still puzzles me when I try to fathom why our western civilised country associates itself with an old enemy, and a murderous genocide committing one to add. I really don’t understand why there is such a push in this country to have one of the worlds biggest atrocities immortalised in a plaque or statue of the man known as Ataturk. It’s like a spit in the face to all immigrants of Armenian and Hellenic descent and not to mention the diggers who lost their lives fighting Ataturk who you sympathise and label as a way of moving away from fascism but really are condoning such an act by believe in a person such as Ataturk

  8. Sean Ozzie. You must be commenting on another subject. Kemal Ataturk was a genocidal maniac, without exaggeration, only coming in behind Stalin & Hitler. There’s nothing brave or honourable about slaughtering innocent people! Also I think you need to be reminded that Greece fought on the Allied side in WW1. They have every right to be offended at any amicable or over generous sentiments towards Turkey actions then. As for fascist national identity, fighting in the civil war finished in Greece in 1949. How about Turkey?