MP Luke Simpkins Urges Australia to Recognize FYROM as Macedonia (Video)

MP Luke Simpkins delivering a speech in Australia to Recognize "Republic of Macedonia"

Liberal Party Federal Member for Cowan, Luke Simpkins MP during his speech in the Australian Parliament in Canberra on 17 March 2015 urged his colleagues in Government, for Australia to recognize FYROM as the Republic of Macedonia which is its Constitutional name.

“Another 150 nations including the United States, United Kingdom and Canada have already done so,” said the Australian MP but he forgot to mention that Macedonia is a Greek name that has existed for thousands of years before FYROM’s inception.

He claims that only a handful of Greek Australians would have a problem with this and that “most Australians of Greek heritage have bigger issues in their lives than this” to worry about.

“Of course there are a handful of Australians of Greek heritage that do contact MPs talking about how many votes would be lost by whoever made such a change, but it remains a handful and despite the talking, there are not enough people that would vote only on this issue to affect the result in a single electorate.”

Watch his speech below:

“So far Australia has taken a biased position and through our unwillingness to seek progress, we are helping to hurt the economy of a small nation in Europe. The Greek Government wants instability in the region and our support of one side aids them,” said MP Luke Simpkins.

Macedonia is a Greek name that has designated the northern area of Greece for 2,500 years. In 1944, the name of the Skopje region was changed to Macedonia as part of Tito’s imperialist campaign to gain control of the Greek province of Macedonia.

The name dispute between the two countries has rumbled on since Macedonia gained independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 leading to a U.N. accord signed by both parties four years later.

The disagreement centers around the use of the name Macedonia as well as symbols and figures used by the FYROM.

As millions of ethnic Greeks identify themselves as Macedonians, unrelated to the Slavic people who are associated with the Republic of Macedonia, Greece further objects to the use of the term “Macedonian” for the neighboring country’s largest ethnic group and its language.

The Republic of Macedonia is accused of appropriating symbols and figures that are historically considered part of Greek culture such as the Vergina Sun and Alexander the Great, and of promoting the irredentist concept of a United Macedonia, which involves territorial claims on Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, and Serbia.

Several Greek Australians that wrote to Greek Reporter have advised to contact MP Luke Simpkins demanding a retraction of his statement.


  1. I still dont know why he should retract his statement? For asking the government to stop violating a human right? Who are you to tell a person/nation what they can and can’t be called? Can I name my daughter Anastasia? Or will I be stealing a Greek name for use on a non-Greek person?

  2. Hi Phil,
    Just enter into Google, “Luke Simpkins – Zionist friend of Skopje” and have a read.
    I think you will find the article interesting.

  3. Gays are in every culture. Some ancient but advanced cultures were able to document things through art and writings.Such was their learnings.
    .Some others could barely grunt let alone cobble a few sticks together to shelter themselves while flicking humane waste at each other .

  4. Simpkins mindless devotion to the people of Skopje comes down simply to his electorate which currently has three times as many Skopjians than Hellenes. 

    Golden Dawn Australia’s open question to Mr Simpkins is this- if you are so passionate about recognising ‘oppressed’ states, why don’t you show the same enthusiasm for recognising Palestine as you do for Skopje? Could it be because you are a member of the pro-Israeli, Zionist think tank of the ‘Human Security Centre’? Biased much?
    Google: “Luke Simpkins – Zionist friend of Skopje”

  5. You so called Greeks stole the old koine language that was made up for trade purposes in the ancient times.
    The koine language is not A so called Greek language.
    No historian modern or Ancient says that Macedonian are A Greek nation.
    But separate nation of people.
    Greece is a modern creation and I still recall Greece says that in Today’s Greece 95% of Greece are pure Christian Greeks and the other 5% are pure Muslim Greeks.
    What a joke you Modern Greeks are.
    England and France created you and gave you stolen history.
    I am sick and tired of you so called Greeks holding the name Macedonia hostage. How can a country have two names. By the way Northern Greece was called just that ( northern greece ) up until 1989 then when Macedonia got their indipendence, then Greece all of a sudden changed Northern Greece to Macedonia.

  6. LOL
    OK, England, Russia and France didn’t do anything except to stop the Egyptians from killing Greeks for their Ottoman masters. Open a REAL history book some time and not one printing during Tito’s era!

  7. How can you recognize it as Macedonia when there is another Macedonia in Greece? FYROM is an insult to the original Macedonia in Greece. If you look at real history books then you will see that Macedon was in fact a Greek Kingdom and the Macedonians spoke a Greek dialect and Alexander The Great spread the Greek culture and traditions around the world. It even says in the Bible that Alexander The Great was the King of Greece. FYROM was once a Serbian region known as Vardar Banovina until Tito changed the name to Republic of Macedonia to stir up conflict in Greece and to still Northern Greece and the Aegean.

    Also what is strange is when FYROMians are met with valid sources and information, all they do is insult. That seems suspicious, only someone who is met with the truth would insult to get out of that mess. Macedonia is Greek and always will be, Goodbye!!!

  8. Your country is Bulgarian and the proof is out. In investigations FYROMian passports say Bulgarian on them and the FYROMian alphabet is filled with Bulgarian letters but with 5 of them replaced. You are not fooling anyone!!!


  10. I do not think it is right to call it Macedonia because then it offends the Australians of Greek descent (including me) because there is a region in Greece called Macedonia and some Greeks refer to themselves as Macedonians (Greek Macedonians)! FYROM is the name given to it by the UN until this name dispute is over and so Australia should stick with calling it FYROM!