Campaign to Promote Greek Language in Australia

australia708_0 A campaign entitled “Speak Greek in March” will be launched in early 2015 in Australia with the participation of Diaspora organizations, schools, mass media and all interested parties.

The campaign’s purpose is to preserve and promote the Greek language in Australia and establish March as the month of Greek language. The organizers aim to see Greek spoken at homes, schools, businesses and Diaspora organizations during the month of March. March is the month all Greek festivals take place in Australia in celebrating March 25, 1821, when the Greek war of independence started.

The original idea belongs to Sakis Zafeiropoulos, President of “Fronditha” Aged Care Center and Channel 31. President of the Greek Community of Melbourne Vasilis Papastergiadis immediately adopted the idea. Director of Melbourne’s Homer College Tassos Douvartzides and Community Schools director Manos Tzimpragos, will also be key figures in the campaign.


  1. A great idea although In would love to learn more about the campaign to promote the HELLENIC language. And I sincerely hope that all of our Hellenic language schools are involved and not just, with respect, those of Tasos Douvartsidis. eg the schools of Vlassis and Nelly Mavraganis and others. But what about Anglo Saxon day schools and how their numbers have crash dived over the past 20 years. I was a part of the successful campaign to save the language being taught at Strathmore Secondary College when certain parties there (sadly supported by one ‘influential’ Greek Aussie) sought to kill it. But other schools were not so lucky.

  2. The Greek language is very hard to learn. It is actually easier to learn German because German derives itself from the latin alphabet. Why is it that the Greek language does not base itself from latin? If the Greek language derived from latin then it would be easier for foreign citizens to learn the Greek language.