Greek Australian Receives Grant for Innovative Learning Program

sophiakaranicolasGreek-Australian academic Sophie Karanicolas and her colleagues received the impressive grant of 225,000 dollars for their work on an innovative project entitled “Translating concept into practice: enabling first-year health sciences teachers to blueprint effective flipped learning approaches.”

Karanicolas stated that, along with her colleagues, they changed the way courses are taught to students, so that true learning can take place inside but also outside the university halls, in the students’ daily lives. “The results are impressive,” said the Greek-Australian academic.

The grant was approved by the Office for Learning and Teaching in order to improve the quality of higher education learning and teaching in all of Australia.

Karanicolas teaches at the University of Adelaide‘s School of Dentistry. Last year she received an award by the Australian Prime Minister for her contribution to science and she was presented as one of the most important personalities in Australia’s academic community.