Greek Man Loses Bid to Claim Share of Wife’s Lottery Win

lottoA Greek man from Sydney has recently lost a legal battle to get a share of his wife’s lottery earnings. An Australian judge denied him any part of his wife’s newly-won six million dollars, demanding that the man instead cover all trial expenses. The couple, married in 2009, has been separated for the last six months.

The 63-year-old man had appealed to the court demanding three million dollars. His argument was that, although he was technically divorced from his wife at the time she purchased the winning number, she used money from their “joint fund” to buy the ticket. His lawyers added that, during their marriage, the woman would buy lotto tickets with money given to her by her husband.

Court documents showed that the woman had in fact been buying lotto tickets since the 1980s with money provided by her husband. In 2008, however, she began buying lotto tickets along with her sister, who contributed $20 a week to a mutual fund. She had spent $59.45 on 10 tickets in various gambling ventures, When she hit the jackpot, she gave her sister one million of her six million dollar payout.

The court has ruled that the couple was already separated by the time the woman bought the ticket. Evidence suggests that she could have secured the money to buy it from up to four sources. Therefore, the Greek man has no right to any of the earnings.