The Greek Director Worshiped in Australia

nadia-tass-660Greek Australian director Nadia Tass (Tassopoulos) has recently been honored for her exceptional contributions to Australian cinema. For the last 25 years, Tass has directed some of the most beloved films in Hollywood, but it is her contributions to the Australian theater that have distinguished her most of all.

Actor Harvey Keitel, who worked with Tass in “Fatal Honeymoon,” has claimed that Tass is one of the best directors with whom he has ever collaborated.

Tass expressed her deep gratitude for such a prestigious award. The Greek Australian director is constantly traveling in Australia, Europe, America and Asia, but she never forgets her hometown, a village in Florina in northern Greece, where she was born 56 years ago.

She has made 15 Australian and American films, as well as various TV productions, including a BBC series that has captured dozens of awards.

Tass directed “Malcolm,” which won eight awards at the Australian Film Institute and 15 international awards. She has also directed “Stark,” “Pure Luck,” “Rikky and Pete,” “The Big Steal” and “Amy,” which won 28 awards in various international film festivals (among them, the Cannes, Paris and Asia-Pacific film festivals).

Tass also directed the Disney movie “Childstar,” based on the life of Shirley Temple.