“Flavours of Greece” Festival in Melbourne

soutzoukakiaAustralia’s annual Greek cuisine festival in Melbourne will be filled with various events that will take place in the city’s most famous Greek restaurants.

For the third consecutive year, “Flavours of Greece” festival will present to residents of Melbourne the unique flavors that have made Greek cuisine so famous around the world.

For four weeks, some of the best Greek restaurants in Melbourne will share their favorite dishes – and some cooking secrets – in scheduled events and special meals, designed specifically to showcase the best cuisine from different regions of Greece.

Melbourne hosts some of the most popular Greek restaurants in Australia, ranging from traditional and romantic places to the most recent trend, Greek street food.

“Flavours of Greece” Festival attempts to capture the spirit of this evolving phenomenon, presenting a mix of rural cuisine, classic feasts and modern culinary expression.

Maeve O’Meara, presenter of Food Safaris, and author Victoria Kyriakopoulos, will guide festival visitors.