100,000 Dollar Jewelry Stolen from Greek Church in Red Hill

GreekRedHill04More than 100,000 dollars worth of jewelry was stolen from a Greek Orthodox Church in Melbourne. Members of the Greek community were devastated, because the items had been left in the church over the years as gifts to the Virgin Mary.

According to police reports, the burglars walked into the Monastery of Panagia Kamariani in Red Hill on Wednesday evening. After smashing a glass box that contained the icon of Virgin Mary, they stole items such as gold rings, bracelets, coins and crosses which had been donated to the church since 1987.

Georgie Marinis, secretary of the Church, stated: “In our religion, what we do is we make a promise to the saint, or Our Lady in our case, and if the problem or the issue comes good, then we give her a present in thank you.”

Furthermore, she added that around 100 to 300 people from the Melbourne area attend services in the church every Sunday.

“We’ve now seen people who have come and looked through the gold that has remained and I’ve seen the jubilation in them when they do see the piece they have donated has not been stolen,” she said.

“As people find out it’s becoming even more and more distressing for everybody.”


  1. Yes “ali” you are perfectly right, it is “idololatric”.
    It continues an ancient Greek tradition.
    What is the most endearing quality of the Greek Orthodox Church community, unlike the Protestants of Europe and the New World is the fact that the Semitic ideas of God and “godlings” is almost totally absent. The most regular church goers will never open a Bible; and, often when you question them about their ways, they will say we are not Jews or Arabs to believe in the superstition of the unwashed shepherds of the desert.
    I love the joy and madness of the “idololatric’ Greek Orthodox church, after seeing the sadness and pitiful ways of the Greek protestants. Greek protestants cannot even sing as nicely as the other protestants.

    The meak and mild Jesus is a new phenomena in Orthodoxi; look up at the proud and stern face of Jesus in Saint Sophia in Constantinople, and, you will see Zeus.
    It is pity the church icons are now painted with figures that look like old people in a nursing home that accidently pissed their pants again.
    Many very old Greek Orhodox churches were demolished by Archbishops in the 18th Century in Anatolia because they were too Greek and too “holy”, and, adopted lesser buildings that did not take away the focus on God. The Arabs today have the same opinion and pay to demolish & rebuild Mosques with ones that do not have people revere the buildings instead of god.