Peter Economides: ‘Being Greek is Again in Fashion’

economides“Being Greek is back in fashion,” claimed the so-called marketing guru, Peter Economides speaking in an event on the Greek crisis organized by the Hellenic Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HACCI) in Melbourne.

Economides said that there has never been a better time to be a Greek and invited Greeks , philhellenes businessmen as well as students, to listen to his proposals on Greece’s recovery. He said that the crisis has helped a “new” Greece to emerge on the global stage, “a country that is creative and gives opportunities to innovative entrepreneurs.” He also argued that the country’s recovery will come from the efforts of all Greek citizens and only by the efforts of the Greek political leadership.

Regarding tourism, he said that each person should be “an ambassador of Greece,” while he added that tourism does not rely only on the achievements of the past and antiquities, but also on new achievements.

He pointed out that Greece’s bad reputation will only stop when right actions are taken while he said that it’s people’s behavior and not advertizing that plays the key role in the promotion of a country.

Economides stressed that although he wants to help Greece without expecting anything in return, the Greek State never reached him to ask for his opinion or help.