Greek Language Courses Decrease in State Schools of Victoria

greek australian studentsThe 2014 Conference of the Modern Greek Teachers’ Association was held successfully at the University of Melbourne with the participation of about a hundred teachers of Modern Greek.

The conference entitled “Teaching Modern Greek: Successes and Prospects” aimed to highlight the successes of Greek Teachers and discuss the future prospects of teaching Modern Greek in Victoria.

Eighteen teachers presented their work while the participants covered many topics and exchanged views in order to enrich their teaching material.

The majority of the participants expressed their concern about the decreasing number of state schools that teach the Greek language in Victoria. More specifically, in 1991 the Greek language was being taught in 38 public elementary schools in Victoria, in 48 high schools while there were 14 bilingual programs and 105 teachers of Greek.

However, in 2013 the Greek language was taught in 13 elementary schools, in 8 high schools, while there was just one bilingual program and only 29 teachers of Greek.

The Conference approved the proposal of the Modern Greek Teachers Association to proceed with protests against the few teaching hours allocated by the schools for the teaching of a second language.


  1. The only way for Greek to survive and remain relevant to the next generation raised here is for Greece to become relevant for business and careers of young people. Non Greeks resent the expectation of Greek Australians to get funding for Greek language programs when there is no Return on Investment.