Australians Visit Gallipoli for 100th ANZAC Day

Australians Celebrating ANZAC DayNumerous Australians are expected to visit the Gallipoli peninsula in April 2015, to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the Australian and New Zealander Army Corps (ANZAC) landing during World War I, and to honor the victims killed by the Ottomans in the Gallipoli Campaign.

Currently visiting Australia, Greek Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni, after meeting with representatives of the Greek-Australian community, said that Greece will try to stress its role at the Gallipoli Campaign by showcasing Greek regions where the ANZAC soldiers fought during WWI and WWII.

The island of Lemnos, in the northeastern Aegean Sea, will be particularly highlighted as its position played an important role in the campaigns against Turkey during WWI. Lemnos served as a naval base, refueling station, medical care center and a refuge for the ANZAC soldiers, while Allied military cemeteries for the victims were created there.

The participation of Australians and New Zealanders soldiers in the Gallipoli Campaign in 1915 has been a milestone in the history of the two countries as it has marked the birth of national consciousness in both countries. Until nowadays, ANZAC Day, celebrated on April 25, remains the most important commemoration of military casualties and veterans in Australia and New Zealand. Every year, numerous Australians along with the political leadership of the country visit Gallipoli to honor the historic anniversary.


  1. Mind boggling that an attack on another country to kill millions of people, steal their lands and disposes whole nations should be celebrated as the foundations of a country. Its so sad that the lowest form of human achievement in Australia should be celebrated when Australia has so much more to be proud of.
    The young men who made the mistake of being part of the blood bath would be screaming at todays circus if they were alive.
    Its amazing the thousands who travel to Gallipoli have no understanding. I would never have imagined that Australia had so many really dump morons; in a country of exceptional people. They must breed the morons in outback Queensland or the deep damp valleys of Tasmania, that is why we do not see them in our every day lives.
    Greeks should keep in mind a big part of the Ottoman army were Greek christian & muslim volunteers.