Brazilian Driver Accused of Killing Two Greeks

Federal PoliceNei Lima Da Costa, a 29 year-old Brazilian man, killed three people, two of which were Greek-Australians. Three more were injured when struck by Da Costa while he was driving under the influence of narcotics, in Oakley, Melbourne.

The Brazilian driver was allegedly driving at 120km/h when he ran a red light and crashed into the 45-year-old Anthony Parsons who had been walking with his wife Sue, killing him instantly. After running down the unfortunate man, he crashed into a Ford sedan killing Savvas and Ismini Menelaou and injured their son, 35-year-old Menelaos Menelaou and Elias and Maria Mesaritis who were also in the car.

Lima Da Costa admitted before court that he is a drug addict and asked for mental health assistance. The defendant who in the past had been convicted for several road traffic offenses and drug use remains in custody.

Several relatives of the Menelaou couple were in court. During the hearing, Lima Da Costa was kept behind protective glass and flanked by prison guards.