Oratorio for Migration by Greek-Australian Composer

ViolinThe Greek-Australian composer Van Louis (nominated for the MusicOz Australian Singer/Songwriter of the Year Award 2013) along with an exceptional cast of artists from the fields of music, singing and poetry, has organized a unique music show entitled MIGRATORIUM to honor the universal language of all people having experienced immigration.

The MIGRATORIUM premiere will be held on March 13 at Factory Theatre, during the Greek Festival of Sydney and with the support of the Municipality of Marrickville.

As understood from its title, the show is an Oratorio for Migration, a major issue of worldwide concern. It presents the impact of immigration on Humanity nowadays and is a contemporary story about alienation, change, adversity and integration. “MIGRATORIUM is a project that has been haunting me for years. Yet, it took a magical path of unexpected coincidences and opportunities to stage it; life itself had to decide about the right time for this exploration,” said Van Louis, artistic director and lead vocalist of the show.

The internationally renowned soprano Helen Zerefos will collaborate with Van Louis on stage and the renowned poet and playwright Sophia Ralli-Catharios will recite her poetry which was inspired by her migration experience. Among the artists will also be Valerios Calocerinos (double bass), Robin Gist (electric guitar), Paul Kapeleris (bouzouki/baglama), Curtis Martin (drums) and Glen Doyle (didgeridoo).