Greek Orthodox Community Intends to Open Advanced Greek School

greek school australiaThe Greek Orthodox Community of New South Wales announced its intention of opening a new Advanced Greek School in an attempt to support all the Greek immigrants who have arrived in Sydney within the last years. This school will be a way for Greek students to stay in touch with their mother tongue and continue their education.

The school’s educational program has already been approved by the Greece’s Ministry of Education. It is a program for advanced stage students who wish to continue their studies in their first language, Greek.

The GOCNSW is following the example of the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria which has already opened two Greek schools in the area, offering advanced programs to at least 70 students who have migrated from Greece. The school’s purpose will be to support students in maintaining a certain level of Greek they use.

The school’s staff will mostly consist of teachers from Greece. The textbooks that the teachers have chosen to use are the one’s currently taught in Greece, something that will help not only maintain, but also extend the students’ level of Greek.

Finally, after making the announcement for the opening of the new school, the GOCNSW will also hand out a questionnaire in order to gather more information concerning the number and location of newly arrived Greek immigrants that are interested in the project.