Former Greek Deputy Minister: ‘World council of Hellenes abroad must change its form’


Demetrios Dollis, a former Greek-Australian politician and former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, stated his ignorance over the results of the financial audit that was conducted concerning the World Council of Hellenes abroad (SAE)’s Fund. This audit concerns SAE’s board members that managed the organization’s Fund for the years 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 as the Greek Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kyriakos Gerontopoulos announced to the Special Permanent Committee on Greeks Abroad of the Greek Parliament.

Mr. Dollis stated that “I had no idea of this financial audit. However, I have to say that this move is towards the right direction. Those who are always honest and act by law, have nothing to fear.”

The former Greek Deputy Minister continued by saying the SAE under its current form has no future. “A new organization must be created that will represent the Greeks abroad in the right way. Thus, this new organization must not be under the Greek State’s control.”

Mr Dollis who visited Melbourne for a variety of reasons, stated also that he is an active member of Andreas Loverdos’ new political party.

He also defended the way that the Greek coalition party PASOK ruled when they came to power. However, he admitted that “many faults, mishandlings and omissions occurred” during PASOK’s era.