Political Ambitions of Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris

Andrew Liveris

Andrew Liveris, the Greek-Australian Chairman & CEO of Dow Chemical  revealed that he wants to get involved with politics when he retires from his current job.

Mr. Liveris was honored during Australia Day, as he was awarded with the Officer General Division (AO) prize for his exceptional skills as a businessman. During the event he publicly expressed his desire to become an active member of the political scene.

The Greek expat is considered one of the most successful Australian businessmen in the world.

“Yes, when the right time comes I want to become an active member of the political scene” he said.

He also stated that he is a “proud Australian” but never forgets his Greek roots.

Andrew Liveris’ family comes from the Greek island of Kastellorizo. Liveris attended the University of Queensland in Brisbane and in 1976 he joined Dow Chemical.

“I will always be proud to be Greek” he said in a previous interview.

“This is my heritage. Our principles and values unite all Greeks wherever they are.”

Mr. Liveris had also talked to Greek Reporter about his political ambitions and his wish to get involved with public policy once he is done with the world of business. Watch our interview with Andrew Liveris where he also expresses his view on privatization in Greece: