Melbourne: Football Academy in Leading Greek College

Hellas_Melbourne_largeThe Greek football club Hellas Melbourne (South Melbourne FC) in collaboration with the daily college of  the Greek Community of Melbourne’s Alphington Grammar school announced the establishment of a new football academy.

Male and female students of the college, alongside their studies will be able to develop their football skills and talent. All students from the first grade of secondary school to the third grade of high school can participate in the academy. The program will last 30 weeks.

“We are particularly pleased with this collaboration,” stated Andrew Mesourouni, director of Hellas Melbourne. Vivianne Nikou, principal of Alphington Grammar added, “the college enables its students to develop their skills at all levels.”

The president of the Greek Community of Melbourne, Vasilis Papastergiadis said that the collaboration with Hellas Melbourne proves that Alphington Grammar School stands out from the others and that it is one of the leading schools in Victoria.

Alphington Grammar School is an independent college located in Alphington in Victoria. It was established by the Greek Orthodox Community in 1989 and has a non-denominational character as it includes students from around 30 ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Hellas Melbourne was founded in 1959 and is considered the most successful football club in Australia. It has won four national championships, a string of Victorian State League titles and represented Oceania in the 2000 FIFA Club World Championship.