Greek-Australian Sells App to Apple

Yannis Papandriopoulos

According to the Australian press, a 35-year-old Australian-born Greek, sold his photography app for an undisclosed amount ranging up to millions of dollars to the American tech giant Apple.

John Papandriopoulos, following the example of his father who was an electronic engineer, studied technology and holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne. His efforts and creativity resulted in the app SnappyCam.

SnappyCam turns the iPhone into a full action camera capable of shooting 20 photos per second at full resolution, which is much faster than the burst mode found on the iPhone.

The app is no longer available for download from the App Store while its website and its social media presence are also gone. Sources have confirmed that there was also acquisition interest “from most of the usual players,” meaning other tech giants.

The acquisition by Apple is part of the strategic plan of the tech giant for buying out several smaller companies and their software and integrating it into iOS.

John Papandriopoulos has been living and working over the last years in San Francisco while his parents live in Melbourne. He is considered as an expert in his field. Over the past few years, he has been trying to place a method into effect, that will make internet “200 times faster than today,” as he states.

The University of Melbourne has also considered his invention as very important, giving him an award for his efforts. In 2007 the newspaper The Age ranked Papandriopoulos among the top hundred personalities of the year for his invention.