Dora Bakoyannis Calls on Greek-Australians to Invest in Greece


During her visit to Melbourne, Greek MP of New Democracy Dora Bakoyannis urged Greek-Australians to invest their money in Greece.

Bakoyannis, in an interview she gave with Australia radio channel SBS, underlined that, “Greece is an ideal place for anyone to cash” his money. She added, “2013 was the worst year of the recession but I strongly believe that during 2014, the Greek economy will start to recover.”

She mentioned that the problems and the difficulties Greece is facing are by far the greatest of her time. She continued by saying, “It hurts us to see people losing their jobs but is a necessity.”

In addition, she noted that the majority of the suspensions have affected mostly employees of the private sector, but if Greece wants to see its goals that have been set to be achieved, it is obligatory for public servants to be suspended too.

“It is not easy, but obligatory. I honestly envy the way that the Australian public sector functions,” she added.

Bakoyannis expressed her deep concerns over the rising popularity of Greek neo-Nazi Golden Dawn, and also expressed her admiration over the harmonic multicultural society of Australia.


  1. Invest in Greece ? Is she out of her mind ? She obviously knows nothing about how business works which is true of all Greek politicians. No business from abroad is going to invest in Greece with the outrageous tax rates. No one.

  2. Mrs Bakoyiannis. Like her political father before her lives in dream land. First, she came here for a holiday and if you do some internet research you will be amazed at how much they get paid for such trips. Plus all the Free “trapezia” here… Second, she came here with little fan fare and no interest in meeting with community groups, business associations or potential investors. If she had, then she would have advertised her trip and planned such events, especially in Melbourne where we have the largest Hellenic population outside of the Hellenic republic. Third, I know of people living here who have been RIPPED off property over in Hellas that is rightfully theirs AND how pathetically the system there helps them. In a similar way I know haw pathetic was the treatment my father received when he, a soldier wounded in Korea but living in Melbourne, sought his army pension 26 years ago. And she expects us to trust the government, any government, and the bureaucracy over there? I was a local government Councillor. When I visited Hellas in 2010 and met with a few across the nation and tried to meet more, well, I learned much about the trash that fills political seats at all levels over there